The fastest and easiest way to create landing pages in seconds

Client: Personal Project

The Challenge

Design and code a web app that with a few clicks could create a landing page online.

The Outcome

Super intuitive web app that by just filling up a few input fields, creates a mobile friendly landing page. It is easy to create and edit from any computer, tablet and smartphone. Each change is made in real time and with a live preview. Also, if the user uploads a photo, will automatically add a phone mockup.

While there are other landing page builders, I couldn’t find one that was straight forward and that let users create landing pages from their phones. After experimenting and testing many designs, it was clear that the application should make 99% of the decisions and let the user add just text and images. For this, the application will let the user fill out a simple form that will update in real time online. So, the user can test and try before committing to a landing page. The application lets the user create infinite landing pages (one-page websites). Each landing page can feature a phone mockup, one App Store button, one Google Play button, two custom call-to-action buttons, a logo, a title, a description, a image and an email subscription input, plus social media links.

User interface design of web app

Example of a landing page made using web app

SketchApp, Adobe Photoshop, React