A book about master typographer Jan Tschichold's art, life and work

Client: Personal Project

The Challenge

Create book based on the typeface Sabon and its creator, Jan Tschichold. This was an assignment for a Typography class at Oakland University (2014).

The Outcome

Sabon, Jan Tschichold is a book that encapsulates both Jan Tschichold’s life and last typeface creation: Sabon.

After researching about Jan Tschichold’s life, I came to the conclusion that the best way to learn and understand Jan Tschichold’s art was by designing a book based on time. In that way this book has a chronological layout where his life is explained and which each of his design has a historical context.

Design layout showing timeline 1902 to 1925

Design layout showing timeline 1926 to 1928 and the birth of the New Typography movement

Design layout showing timeline 1931 to 1933, showcasing other typefaces designed by Jan Tschichold