Small device that brings peace of mind for the whole family

Client: Personal Project

The Challenge

Improve the user experience with gas cylinders. This was a personal project born from our own observations of how people had a poor user experience using gas cylinders in Chile.

The Outcome

Small and inexpensive device that gives peace of mind to gas cylinder users by letting the user know when she will run out of gas and ordering a new cylinder automatically.


Anuar Gonzalez, Electronic Engineer
Marcelo Bruna, Business Developer
Kevin Mendez, User Experience Designer

We interviewed gas cylinder users and two of their major pains were, (a) not being able to tell how much gas was left in the cylinder, and (b) having to wait for the gas truck to come to change the gas cylinder after the cylinder was empty.

Instead of features, we focused in experience. The only reason the user wanted to know how much gas was left was so they could call the gas truck before they run out of gas. So, we imagined how would be the best experience when using gas cylinders. And we concluded that the key word, would be “invisible.” We needed to design a device that would blend with the user’s life without them noticing it. This meant, that the device should be able to tell how much gas was left and calculate a route for the gas tuck to arrive a few minutes before the user run out of gas.

On the other hand, companies spend millions each week in advertising trying to remain in the user’s mind. So, they call them instead of the competition. By automating the process of ordering gas cylinders, the company can focus on getting new users and growing, instead of worrying about losing a user each week.

Drawing included in our patent