Helping small businesses thrive by combining the power of social media with e-commerce

Client: Antsquare

The Challenge

Eliminate the gap that exists between social media and e-commerce by designing a platform that seamlessly combines e-commerce with the benefits of social media to help small businesses thrive.

The Outcome

Antsquare app is a intuitive app that successfully combines social media features such as feeds, posting, sharing and messaging, with e-commerce functions such as buying, selling and money transfer.

Antsquare’s mission is to empower solo entrepreneurs and small businesses by making it easy for them market products and access to e-commerce tools. In other words, Antsquare aimed to create a mobile platform that could use social media to market, and close the sale on the same platform. This allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus their energy and attention on their passion and craft.

We started by interviewing users, then created a storyboard to understand Antsquare users’ journeys and experiences. We focused on their goals, how they interacted with e-commerce platforms and how they handle marketing and social media. We set up weekly meetings with current users and old users who had previously deleted the app to test different designs.

Together with the engineering team, we arranged weekly updates to implement and experiment with changes in the user interface. The marketing team input was also key in the making of this app and its iterations. The intuitive user interface and user experience were praised greatly by new and old users and was reflected in its user retention and engagement.

User interface design of Antsquare app

SketchApp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator