Helping small businesses thrive by combining the power of social media with e-commerce

Client: Antsquare
Process: Lean, Weekly sprints
Date: June 2016 to May 2017
Role: UX & UI Designer

Other skills applied:

Collaboration with Engineers and Lean principles

Technological and Technical background

Graphic design and Visual design

Omni-channel funnels for Marketing and Sales

Cognitive biases and Applied psychology

The Challenge

Eliminate the gap that exists between social media and e-commerce by designing a platform that seamlessly combines e-commerce with the benefits of social media to help small businesses thrive.

The Outcome

Antsquare app is an intuitive app that successfully combines social media features such as feeds, posting, sharing and messaging, with e-commerce functions such as buying, selling and money transfer.

The Team

Sergey Demchenko
Senior Software Engineer

Apoorv Patel
Software Engineer

Pavan Chokshi
Software Engineer
Front-end design and development

Kevin Tang
Marketing Manager

Shayanne Wright
Sales Representative

Larry Phuong
Sales Representative

Early Stage in UX/UI Design

We started by meeting with engineers and sales team to understand their goals. Then, I went out of the building and started observing and interviewing users, then we all began brainstorming to created personas, storyboards, journey maps to understand Antsquare users’ goals and motivations. We focused on their goals, how they interacted with e-commerce platforms and how they handle marketing and social media. We created different prototypes setting up prototype testing with current users and old users who had previously deleted the app to test different designs. Finally, we combined the best parts from the different prototypes to create the best version to deploy.

Tools: Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator

Low-Fidelity Prototype

The following is the original prototype used to help visualize stakeholders, engineers and marketers, the basic functionalities of the app, during the early stage of development. This prototype was later updated with the feedback received from users and the team.

Tools: Adobe XD, Invision

Open Low-Fidelity Prototype

Weekly Sprint Development, Feedback and Asset Management

Together with the engineering team, we arranged weekly deploys to implement and experiment with changes in the user interface while focusing in one feature at the time. The marketing and sales team input, plus the user feedback were also key in the making of this app and its iterations. The intuitive user interface and user experience were praised greatly by new and old users and was reflected in its user retention and engagement. We developed an asset management system organized by platform and engineer’s requirements for iOS and Android. Later, we develop a quality assurance checklist for engineers and quality assurance agents to check the design and expected interaction behaviors. For this, we used Google docs because of its comments feature where engineers and quality assurance agents could ask questions and track changes in the document in the real time.

Tools: Atlassian Jira, Slack, Dropbox, Google docs

Final Product

Antsquare’s mission is to empower solo entrepreneurs and small businesses by making it easy for them market products and access to e-commerce tools. In other words, Antsquare aimed to create a mobile platform that could use social media to market, and close the sale on the same platform. This allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus their energy and attention on their passion and craft.

Developed for iOS and Android mobile devices

Image: User interface design of Antsquare app displaying the feeds screen. In feeds you could see activity from your friends and people nearby, something requested by many users.

UX research, UX design, UX testing, UI assets creation, Management, Application of cognitive biases

SketchApp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Invision, Adobe XD, Jira

Comments After the Project

He possess superior UI skills and he is able to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and fast prototypes, and transform them into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces. He is very creative and this helps him to reach solutions with his unique way of seeing things. He also knows how to explain difficult concepts to satisfy stake holder’s points of view. Kevin is very talented and knowledge designer and one of our most dedicated employees. Somedays, we would go more than 16 hours straight working to solve a problem or a deadline. Thanks to his work ethics and his ability to unify the team, our culture had improve a lot. He became a leader quickly in the team and a key team member for us as a UX designer/product manager. I know, we will keep creating great things at Antsquare for long time and I am very grateful to have him in the team.

Dexter Hu's photo

Dexter Hu
Senior Software Engineer
Co-founder Antsquare – 2017